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Welcome to Tikagraphics! We offer freebies We enjoy taking on new members and makers. We are pretty easy going but we are quite fond on people following the rules. Please make sure you read the rules so that you don’t get in shit from the mods and makers.
First of all, Friend/Monitor the community before joining. If you do NOT, you won’t be accepted. It’s just a way of us knowing if you read the rules or not. ALSO if you are a member of a graphic stealing community, you also will not be accepted. Sorry ♥
When a freebie is offered, you must put "Request @ TG" in the subject line of your post. Most makers make elsewhere, this way it's easier for them to see wheres its coming from.
Rules For the Members

Follow the RULES of EACH MAKER has when requesting a graphic from them. They’re all different so take the time to look through and choose wisely.
Limit the amount of freebies you claim..if we see you getting carried away..you will be warned..other people need a chance to request.
When you request make sure you’re going to use the graphic.Be polite.Makers put a lot of time into these.
The makers have a right to deny your request for whatever reason. You may ask for the reasoning behind it.
Do NOT for whatever reason try to start drama with anyone, that will get you nowhere.
No hotlinking. Hotlinking is when you take the direct link of an image and use it instead of uploading it to your own server. Use free hosts such as www.photobucket.com. www.imageshack.com
Do NOT use a graphic that has been made for someone else without permission.
If you get a new username, unjoin under your old one and then join with your new username. Also, if you'd like to get something for another journal of yours state that in your request and let the maker know so we won't think you're not using what has been made for you.
Do not promote your community here. We will be happy to add you to our affiliates list, but obviously we expect the same in return. You can comment on the first entry of the community.
Rules For the Makers

You must join tikamakers so you can be aware of things that are going on..or if you have problems with anything..take it there..not in the community directly.
Stay active (post freebies, ideas etc)
Promote wherever you can.
If you're having problems with a member let me know before lashing out.
If your creations aren't being credited or used..the user will get a strike.
Must provide examples for info page.
These are the people who keep this place running and under control. If there are any problems or questions these are the ones to ask. Just click on their bars and it will direct you to contact information.

Full-Time makers are the ones who offer freebies more often than others.
tika-♥-Bre-Anne's Examples
myhappyending-♥-Kirsty's Examples
dancerqt0284-♥-Jennifer's Examples
prettyinpinklo-♥-Kayla's Examples
lilpolochicka89-♥-Melissa's Examples
fxckglamour-♥-Jessica Examples
diminished-♥-Eddie's Examples
southernsun-♥-Lelly's Examples

Part-Time Makers.
la_reinita-♥-Bobbi Lynn's Info
julione-♥-Kristal's Examples
godslilgift-♥-Casey's Examples
hana_banana-♥-Jessica's Examples
chosen-♥-Allie's Examples

Makers on Hiatus
These makers are not offering or it's very limited.
xdreamsofdramax-♥-Jennie's Examples
innocent_stars-♥-Neatha's Examples

If you enjoy our community feel free to promote us! ♥

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Want to be affliated with us? Make a post in the first entry =]

Community banner made by tika
blinkies for the community made by saricas_mommy and hotpink___lips